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At Prorecmedia, we know that life’s great moments happen in a flash. But we believe that with the right mixture of light, sound, framing, and technique, we can capture those moments and help you remember them forever.

We are a videography and photography company offering specialized services for organizations and individuals. From weddings, birthdays, and other personal events to documentaries, commercials, and business materials, we pride ourselves on capturing the individual spirit of your big moments, creating a vibrant product that reflects the unique spirit of any occasion.

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About Us

Prorecmedia offers a wide range of videography, photography, and non-linear editing services. Our team of highly-skilled photographers, camera operators, and lighting and sound technicians are committed to quality and customer service. Each of our products is expertly crafted to be an authentic, lively record of your event that you will share and revisit again and again. We know how to capture the unique energy behind each event, bringing your videos and photographs to life with expert technique and unwavering commitment and dedication.

Our Team

Our international team of skilled cameramen, photographers, and editors has over eight years of experience in personal videography, the television industry, documentaries, and corporate work. We are familiar with cutting-edge technology and a wide range of editing, sound, and lighting techniques that bring your memories to life. The cooperation between these many experts results in a slick and artistically-complex final product that is both a record and a story in itself.

The Client Comes First

We know that you’ve invited us into your life for your most important moments. We take that trust seriously—that’s why customer service is our top priority. Our photographers and videographers will work with you to understand what you’re looking for in a final product, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our equipment or process. We pride ourselves on our ability to unobtrusively record your event and to find the most innovative shots without disrupting the action. We keep in close contact with you during the editing process, and we always respond promptly to feedback and suggestions. We see what we do as a partnership: we may provide the technical know-how, but you provide the inspiration.

Our Equipment

We use the best equipment and stay in touch with the latest technology to ensure that each video is of the highest quality. We use Sony HD camcorders and Canon DSLRs to provide you with flexible, high-quality video and stills. Our technicians are also familiar with a wide range of lighting equipment, mics and booms, and editing suites to ensure that your film and photos are a high-fidelity recording of your event that you will capture the interest of any audience.


Prorecmedia offers a full range of professional videography, photography, and non-linear editing services. We strive to capture the unique spirit, setting, and tone of your event, no matter the size or circumstance. Our team will ensure that the final product is tailored to your exact specifications and is something uniquely yours. Our specialties include:

Personal: We’re honored to be part of your big day. Our high-quality photos and videos can bring out the feel and energy of your wedding, birthday, reunion, or other major life event. We create memories to cherish and a unique record of your event that you can show to loved ones who were unable to attend. Through technique and editing, we tell a story that you will be eager to share with those close to you for years to come.

Professional: In the professional world, your image tells potential customers and partners how you do business. We are experienced in film work for presentations, promotional materials, trainings, profiles for profit and not-for-profit businesses, interviews, and team-building events. We can make your company stand out from the crowd.

Commercial: We have over eight years of experience in commercial photography and videography, including television commercials, advertisements for the web, montages, interviews, and more. We work with you to capture the image and energy that brings your product or services to life.

Film: We can help you get your film ready for the festival circuit or widespread distribution. We provide editing, sound, effects, and videography services for short films, features, and documentaries. We can also help with materials for distribution and bonus content for release, including special features, making-of documentaries, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Live events: The energy of a live event is unlike any other. Our camera operators know the ins and outs of recording for sporting events, concerts, performances, and competitions. Through sound, lighting, and editing, we capture the dynamic and distinctive nature of those moments and help any audience feel like they’re witnessing the event first-hand.

Journalism: We can create video and photography for magazines, newspapers, and televised journalism.

Additional Services

Prorecmedia can also help you with:


-Transcoding and file compression of video for mobile platforms and the web

-Green screen

-Color correction and grading

-Music and sound effects

-Authoring for DVD, Blu-ray, and other formats

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 Video & Photography Company…

We offer specialized services for individuals or organizations.

From your personal events, wedding, engagement, comercials or real estate, Prorecmedia, capturing the individual spirit of your big moments, creating a vibrant product that reflects the unique spirit of any occasion.

With the right mixture of light, sound, framing, and technique, we can capture those moments and help you remember them forever.


Our high-quality  videos can bring out the feel and energy of your wedding.

We create memories to cherish and a unique record of your event that you can show to loved ones who were unable to attend.

Real Estate

We provide commercial and residential real estate photography. Our team of multiple skilled artists allows us to fit you and your seller’s schedules. We use advanced techniques to create beautiful photography and video that will attract more attention to your listings, resulting in more successful sales for you.


No matter the size of the Event, Prorecmedia, create high quality images that capture the atmosphere of a day. These images can be used to create content for your business, setting you apart from the crowd.

Behind The Scenes

Our team is a bit obsessed with making video look more like feature films. Whether you have a great idea for music, video, are looking for a promotional video for your business, or just need someone to professionally capture an interview or event, we have you covered. Our team has in house expertise in cinematography, lighting, audio and editing with all the equipment to get it done right.


Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about Prorecmedia:

“The BEST! They were our videographers at our wedding in 2011, and we’ve hired them twice more since then (for our daughter’s and son’s Christening ceremonies & receptions). My husband and I could not be happier with their service, talent, and just overall professionalism. The final product is always incredibly creative and seamless, and the quality is crystal-clear. We feel like we are reliving those magical moments every single time we watch any of our DVDs. Thank you so much for beautifully capturing some of the most special days in our lives, and at such a reasonable cost! We would highly recommend Prorecmedia to any couple looking for a reliable, talented team to capture their wedding day on video.”


“I love the video is amazing, you guys captured every part that I was looking for.
Thank you!”

Carolina B.

“Thank you so much for being part of this unique moment in our lives- our wedding! You guys were awesome, easy going, friendly, and patient, and it was a pleasure having you around! Everything came out great, with the touch of artistry that we were looking for (you are really talented!) and also in a timely fashion. You are the best! Thank you again Laurentiu and Gabi.”

Cristina J.

“Laurentiu was just great!  He worked with us quite a bit early on and met a few times to go over the customs/traditions of a South Asian wedding so we were pretty comfortable going into our big day.  During our wedding and reception, he was punctual, professional, and took some great shots.  We also hired Prorecmedia to do a Slow-Motion Video Booth, which all the guests LOVED!  He brought in some props, had a beautiful gold shimmering backdrop and cooperated with us in making the playback of the clips work.  We were so busy at the reception we almost forgot to do a slow-motion clip ourselves but Laurentiu made sure he had some clips of us and we can’t appreciate that enough!  When we received our wedding highlight and the slow-motion highlight, we weren’t pleased at first with some specific but he worked with us to make them exactly to our liking so in the end we were extremely pleased.  The final product was also provided in an amazing magnetic, picture covered book/frame thing, which is something you just have see to really understand how great it is. We have already recommended Prorecmedia to friends of ours and will do the same here.”

Amit P.


In our business, pictures speak louder than words. That’s why we ask you to browse our Photo Gallery and take some time to check our Video Gallery


Prorecmedia is based in Chicago, but we pride ourselves on our flexibility and availability. We serve the Chicagoland area, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Having your event someplace else? Reach out to us to see if we can serve you!

Social Media Video

Prorecmedia is a full service video production company offering professional video services. We have been telling stories in a creative way and producing commercial videos including company videos, documentaries, promotional videos and web videos to a host of clients for over ten years.


Having a gala? A private (or public) party? We offer video & photo services.Put your attention towards other details and leave the video & photo to us! The team at Prorecmedia’s believes in what they do-providing quality services at fair prices.


Prorecmedia’s expert photographers know the specific techniques needed for Confernces photography. We will work with you to create standout images for your professional use that will attract customers and clients.


If you have a presentation event, Prorecmedia offers video and photo services of the best quality. We use the best techniques in video and photo service. 

98% of Brides regret not hiring a videographer for their wedding when the day is over and done with. There is just way too much happening on your wedding for photography to capture only. Speeches, vows, nervous energy in the morning while getting ready – all things that happen in between the shutter of your photographer camera is only captured by a videographer. Our goal is to produce a film that you would love to watch and re-watch over and over like your favorite movie.

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